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Reviewed in the United States on September 17, 2019
***UPDATE 5***
July 4th. Still going strong as the day I bought it!! Replaced the filter...good as new. Still quiet and absolutely ZERO issues since the vibration sorted itself out. I can't recomend this purifier enough for smaller to medium sized spaces. It's an allergy killer!

***UPDATE 4***
Feb 1st and still as quiet as before. Same filter. Just regular cleaning of the pre-filter. EXCELENT air purifier. I've gotten the Tredy, and WSTA purifiers that are similar. This one is built to a much higher quality. Filter is very well made. If this had an auto would be my #1!!!!! PLEASE make this with and Auto feature (for dust and odor)

***UPDATE 3***
This purifier has become one of my favorites! The nylon mesh prefilter does a fantastic job catching larger particles. I never understood why manufactures made the carbon filter the pre filter. It should be separate, like this purifier. It also makes sense to make the carbon the last filter so it doesnt get clogged. Its job is for smells and VOC. Not dust or allergens. They really thought this through. Also, the carbon filter is ACTUAL granulated pieces of charcoal. It's not a thin sheet. It has some substance to it. I'll be buying a few more for each room.

***UPDATE 2***
I'm actually impressed with the filtering on the purifier! It does a fantastic job and is extremely quiet on the "sleep" setting. I usually leave it on "1" when sleeping with the display lights turned off (which is a nice feature) I've already had the vacuum off the prefilter of fine dust and there is ZERO dust IN the purifier (sign of a good seal around the filter and the body of the unit). It runs 24/7 and is keeping my bedroom dust and allergen free. I'll keep updating as time goes on.

Changing my review from 2 stars to 4 stars. Plastic smell is completely gone. The horrible vibration has subsided and its very quiet now. Also the filters are much less expensive than other brands. I wake up less congested and I can tell a noticable difference in the quality of the air. The other filters I cannot comment on. Only using the "standard" that came with the purifier. This would be a 5 star product if it wasn't for the bad first experience. Plus, most of the other reviews are fake. Some are even using the same pictures with the same background and different user names (after reading this I'm sure they will edit the pictures out). All in all, decent purifier. Just give it a few days...not hours.

First couple days it had a HORRIBLE off gassing of plastic. Smell has somewhat gone away. It moves the air pretty good but vibrates pretty bad. Will give it a few more days before starting the return process.
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