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Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2019
"Sula" is an interesting novel set in a primarily African American neighborhood in Ohio set in the first half of the twentieth century. The novel is medium length and although sometimes complex, has mostly a easily read flow. I mostly liked the novel, but at times I found it somewhat obscure. As a non credentialed student of literature I would classify this novel as both Feminist and African American Literature.

This is the third novel by Toni Morrison that I have read thus far. I have read "Song of Solomon", "The Bluest Eye" and now "Sula", in that order. Thus far my favorite is "The Bluest Eye". These novels revolve around African American lifestyle issues. Although obviously clearly extremely intelligent and well educated, there is a good deal of street nomenclature that is often vulgar. I suppose this makes the novels more realistic as reflecting life within some communities. However, speaking as a reader, it does not always appeal to me.

I purchased this book on Kindle and also an Audiobook, narrated by the author. I really valued having a chance to hear Toni Morrison narrate the story, presumably as she wants it read and heard. I did the same with "The Bluest Eye" and really enjoyed that experience.

In the event a reader is interested in a somewhat similar novel authored at a slightly earlier time for purpose of comparing and contrasting, one might consider "The Street" by Ann Petry. Ann Poetry also authored an excellent non fiction biography of Harriet Tubman. I feel Ann Petry's is well worth reading and being familiar with.

In summary, I like this novel a lot, but with reservations. I continue to be a fan of Toni Morrison and have already purchased another novel and Audiobook, "Tar Baby". My personal favorite novel thus far of Toni Morrison continues to be her first published novel "The Bluest Eye". Thank You...
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