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Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2015
Sometimes you just need a good teen angst to remember that your high school experience would have been so much cooler, and a lot more steamy, if you went to school with the characters in that book..and if you were some halfling (of any nature, we don’t discriminate here on megamad4books). But dear readers, and there is a but, am I getting too old for YA novels? Say it isn’t so! I here you all scream at your screen, but this one definitely makes me ponder that question.

Armentrout has created another novel in the style of what she does best. Yes it keeps you engaged with its fantastic strong willed heroine and untouchable male lead, but you’re left after this whirlwind of adventure with one single thought…’um haven’t I read this before?’ Maybe it isn’t the exact characters or the exact plot line but Armentrout definitely has a formula to her writing (I guess all authors do), however, when each new series progresses in the same way can you truly love an author for that? You can love a series, but an author…I don’t know. It wasn’t anything new in regards to the story telling. There were no ‘oh wow! I never saw that coming’ moments, just a whole lot of ‘stop sucking face and start kicking butt.’

I felt this one lacked plot, which is the driving reason for my lack of stars. Not much happened, and I didn’t really feel invested in the world. I felt invested in Roth and super wished for an ability to bring book characters to life, but that is a common side effect of reading any Armentrout book. She writes smoking hot male leads…even though this one was a borderline stalker.
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