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Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2017
Anomaly by Peter Cawdron is the book that made me a big Peter Cawdron fan! This just raps up so much of what I love in sci-fi. This is a must for anyone that loves sci-fi! The earth starts rumbling, and the next thing, a giant sphere, several stories tall is floating. Flag poles, half of them, still standing inside the sphere, but the sphere doesn't stay like that. It changes density, pressures, and then, it starts to grow....something. Nations go crazy because they all want a piece of it. Religions go nuts. This is so many is remarkable! Brain food!!!
I read/listened the audible version and the narrator, P. J. Ochlan, was totally on it! The tension, the emotions, the fear, excitement, the multitude of voices, all done to perfection!
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