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Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2019
Spoilers!!! But you're probably better off reading them than this book.

Issues, summarized for your convenience :)

1) Ending nullifies character growth throughout the series.
At the beginning of the series Sookie stackhouse is a waitress in a bar in Louisiana with a crush on her boss. By the end of the 13 books series Sookie stackhouse is.... A waitress in a bar in Louisiana with a crush on her boss. All of her character development, all of her involvement in the super natural community, all of her self-discovery and tenacity and hard won respect completely down the toilet. Why? That's really, really unclear - see problem 2.

2) Subverting expectations should never trump ongoing themes.
This series had a lot of things going for it in the theme department. The first 12 books focus on surviving trauma, building courage, finding real love, and knowing yourself. Book 13 feels like an absolute "gotcha" moment. As a reader I put in thousands of pages believing in Sookie, Eric, and their relationship (because, folks, let's face it; that's what this series is about) only to find that in this book none of that matters!!! Full disclosure: I rage quit halfway through and skimmed the rest. The ending to this book caused "Dexter" or "Lost" level anger because everything that has been presented as important and genuine in the series was turned on its head. It's not a nice thing to do to your readers.

3) Unable to suspend disbelief.
How many humans, fairies, and vampires has Sookie killed? How many horrible things has she witnessed? And she's going to go forward having a healthy relationship with Sam, leading a normal life, and starting a family? The only way the literally dozens of homicides, torture, plotting, and general mayhem could make any sense is with the continued involvement of the supernatural community with their know-how and resources.

How can an author misunderstand her own series so badly? I loved Eric. He was flawed but compelling. Viciously practical but deeply in love. He's the kind of character that you rush to read the parts that involve him and then go back and re-read them several times to hold you over to the next scene he appears in. Pam and the rest of the gang from Fangtasia were amazing as well. Looking at the other reviews for the series I am far from the minority in this. If you're in the same frame of mind on this just leave with your happy memories and make up your own ending. It's painful to watch the contrived dismantling of these characters in this book.
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