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Reviewed in the United States on August 30, 2021
“The purpose of life is to love…”

That line sums it all up. No matter the obstacles or the timeline, the pain or the sacrifice, doing it for love is worth it.

He was a sexy Brit visiting for the summer months. He wasn’t supposed to leave with her heart. But loving Leo was never a choice…it just was. A summer fling became a soul searing love.

Felicity knew that everyone leaves. Her own life experiences taught her that. But nothing could prepare her for the devastation of losing him. She knew she would only have him for a short time, but every moment was worth it.

Fate can be cruel.

This is a story of a love that would span time and distance. It’s a love so powerful, nothing could make it wane. Their romance is full of both love and heartache. The angst was REAL! However, the author wrote about a beautiful love. It didn’t sugarcoat reality. It was bold and honest.

I enjoyed this emotional romance with it’s ups and downs. The author put us through the wringer with this one but she brought us through the other side with a happy heart. Sig was a wonderful friend and I hope he’ll get his own story.

This is Ward at her best! A definite must read and a personal favorite. Well done and beautifully written.
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