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Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2021
My husband and I don't have kids, but we have pets. He sleeps during the day (3rd shifter, not a vampire), and I sleep at night. We wanted a way to close the door most of the way, but leave enough of a gap so the dogs and cats can come and go from the room as they please. We tried using a door stop, but the pets kept knocking it out of the doorway (sometimes on purpose), plus the door would thunk as it would bounce again the door stop. After digging around online, came across these door finger-guard things. Perfect! In the stores, I could only find them in packs of 5-8, but we only needed one. Plus, they were usually white, which would stand out against the golden oak doors. Found this 2-pack, and problem solved! The clear material holds onto the door well. Placed near the top of the door, it's easy to forget it's there. When the door is closed, it leaves a small gap - enough for kitty paw or a puppy nose to nudge the door open. When door closes, there's a quiet bump. Quiet enough that it doesn't wake up either of us when we're sleeping. I definitely recommend this door cushion, even for a child-free home.
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