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Reviewed in the United States on April 10, 2008
In what could have been a hilarious movie, Undertaking Betty fails to take advantage of a great idea with tons of possibilities, a well-rounded cast, and the always superb Christopher Walken. Instead, what's left is a few great lines and scenes with Walken shoved in between yawn-inducing drama and an uninspired love story.

In the small town of Wrottin Powys, there are two morticians: Boris Plots, the conventional, boring, and traditional option; and Frank Featherbed (Walken), a man with a vision. Featherbed wants 2-for-1 deals on funerals, casket of the month specials, super discount coupons in the papers, and all sorts of specialized burials. He wants theme funerals of Star Trek and Vegas showgirls; he wants the catwalk caskets, funerals nobody will ever forget.

When the opportunity presents itself for Boris to gain the love of his life, he devises a plan. Since his love interest, Betty, is married to a counselor (although she seems more like a servant) with a penchant for philandering with his gorgeous secretary (Naomi Watts), the only way Boris knows how to win her heart is to pretend it stopped beating - he must stage her death.

The rest of the movie is nothing but sight gags loosely borrowed from Beetlejuice and Weekend At Bernies. The two rivals must come together to teach bad people lessons and to ensure those who are pure and just get their rewards in life.

As Featherbed says, "The root word of funeral is fun", it's just too bad that the poor attempt at a sappy plotline ruined what should have been nothing but fun.
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