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Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2020
Someone else said it. This Anker hub has LIMITS. I CAN'T mount my old Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone to my Windows 7 from this hub, (which mounts fine from either a 2.0 or 3.0 USB on my PC.) It WILL charge my Samsung. And, it WON'T mount my Seagate external drive. It DID mount my digital Canon Power Shot camera.

Anker claims it's 3.0. Uh... NO! I need the USBs on my PC to mount my smartphone & my external drive.

I run my Dell PC on the 51" Panasonic plasma TV in my living room. I like inexpensive wired LED gaming keyboards, so I have a 3.0 USB extension cord that runs from the PC next to the TV to an old 1.0 Targas hub under my coffee table. My keyboard sits on the coffee table. (My trackball mouse is wireless.) This Anker works fine for what I'm currently using it for. My keyboard, flashdrives, & charging my phone. But, my old Targas 1.0 hub did the same job. Because I'm cheap & lazy (LOL), I was hoping this $8.00 Anker hub would allow me to mount my external drive & my phone from the comfort of my sofa. But it won't. So this was kind of a waste of money for me.

Keyboards, mouse, flashdrives & charging your phone... YES!

Mounting devices like external drives, cameras (mine did) & smartphones... NO! Buy a better hub for that.

I hope this helps.
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