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Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2018
Ohuhu Professional Watch Repair Tool Kit

In summary, this tool kit got the job done. I used five tools: The Watch Back Pry Opener, Spring Bar Removal Tool, Adjustable Case Opener, Tweezers, and the Hammer. I had three watches to replace batteries and got the job done using those tools from the kit.

The tools are fine for my simple applications. I will update when I use more of the tools and give you my after-thoughts.

The Watch Back Pry Opener was slick to use opened my back covers of two watches easily without any difficulties. Spring Bar Removal Tool did a fine job of releasing the Spring Bar from my watch. Seems like it is good quality did my simple jobs. The Adjustable Case Opener is difficult to get it to connect to the watch back but it didn’t connect the way it should; however, I got the back loose with this tool. So this tool wasn’t the greatest but I still got the back off not working the tool the way it was designed to do. In addition, I used the hammer on the plastic side to tap my back cover back into place on two watches, did a fine job.

I do not know if these tools will bend after use because I didn’t use all of them. On the other hand, the Screwdrivers have a screw on the side to tightened the screwdriver blade in place they were all loose and need to be tighten but haven’t figure out how to do it or what tool to do it with. Up-date later if I find out the answer to this problem. I am not using these tools yet but could be used in the future to loosen my screws on the back of one of my watches and one of the screwdrivers do fit the screw on the back of one of my watches. This fourth watch with screw back doesn’t need a battery replacement yet so this Screwdriver tool is not needed yet.

The tools function well for simple applications like prying open a back cover and to loosen springs pins from the band. The tweezers did fine job using to get my batteries out of their slots and holding the batteries to remove them. The hammer I used to tap the cover back in place did a fine job.

Keep in mind; I am giving this tool kit a 5 star rating because it got the job done. Without this tool I am not able to get the job done. No tool I used bent or broken yet but I only used five of them that is it and got the job done. Update if any changes in the future.
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