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Reviewed in the United States on June 20, 2021
As a conservative Republican, I wasn't much of a fan of Bill Clinton the President, but I've become a HUGE fan of Bill Clinton the novelist. This is his second, and they've both been page-turners that I've had trouble putting down. And in case you're concerned, both of his Presidents (different character in each book) are upstanding role models that patriotic Americans and family-oriented Christians can look up to and respect.

In this book, the President (actually an ex-President after the first few chapters) is a Dan Crenshaw-like Special Forces veteran who got elected to Congress, then was nominated for Vice President in an effort to "balance the ticket," succeeding to the presidency when his predecessor died, only to be voted out by the liberal wing of his own party at the end of the term.

There is none of the political propagandizing you might expect; in fact, quite the contrary. The military are presented as heroes, Islamic terrorists are pure evil, his liberal black female successor is a politically motivated opportunist, and there is no sympathy for the pretentious closed-mindedness pervading today's university campuses.

Oh, and a riveting plot. All in all, highly recommended.
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