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Reviewed in the United States on August 18, 2018
I was stationed on the Second Fleet staff for a good portion of the most important phases covered by the book when we were pioneering the tactics to permit carrier ops inside Norwegian fjords. This book only dips its toe into the many complex issues associated with that effort.
Allied interoperability was a major sticking point because they won't pay to keep up and it wasn't touched on at all. This issue culminated during a conference in Portsmouth, UK where after a bunch of NATO allied nit picking objections, VADM Hank Mustin asked a theater full of allied officers headed by ADM Sandy Woodward RN (victor of the Falklands), "Well, if the Russians attack, do you want us to come or not?" Which finally shut everyone up.
Plus one of the funniest naval acronyms ever came out of the Norwegian Sea ops, WACONOLI which translated to Waters Contiguous to the Norwegian Littoral. Not cited.
Not to be nit picky myself, but this book is by a former secretary on the navy and on pg.194 there's a pix of the SPRUANCE Class destroyer USS Paul F. Foster which is fine, but she's identified as a frigate.
I had to tell my buds from Second Fleet days not to waste their money.
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