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Reviewed in the United States on May 11, 2011
I have been looking forward to Half-Blood since I found out about it several months ago. That excitement level has only went up after reading the description, joining chats with the author to learn more about the book, and finding out that the author is from my state. When I found out that there was a prequel short story coming out, I couldn't wait to get a taste of what Half-Blood was going to be like! If Daimon is any indication, I'm not going to be disappointed!

The action explodes off the page from the very beginning as Alex, a smart-alec and hilarious kick-butt female, puts a few guys in there place and it doesn't slow down. I found myself still clicking when the book was done, just hoping for a few more pages!

I love the mythology and world that was created in Daimon. In just a short prequel I was able to grasp the concept of the world without wordy explanations. I'm sure there will be more to learn in Half-Blood and I look forward to exploring it all, but I love that it's explained as the action happens instead of going through pages and pages of boring world building.

Daimon really reminded me of a mix between Percy Jackson and Vampire Academy! Fans of both are really going to love it. Move over Rose Hathaway, Alex is coming to town!!!!
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