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Reviewed in the United States on June 11, 2020
First off, I am completely obsessed with the Outlander series and when Season 5 wrapped, I started with the books. I enjoy them very much, BUT i get so annoyed with her writing sometimes. DG will spend COUNTLESS pages describing the most mundane of things, but when there is an interesting and tender moment and conversations between Claire and Jamie (what I'm actually reading and looking for), it's cut off and barely any time spent on it. This happens in the other books as well....except the 1st one maybe. Claire leaves Jamie in Scotland and DG didn't even write a goodbye between them. It just skips to Claire on a boat...which made it even worse when Jamie "dies" coming back to her. This book also jumps around so much, it's hard to keep track. I found myself skipping so much of the Lord John and William parts. Also, WHY WHY WHY would Claire sleep with Lord John right after Jamie "dies"??!!! made me so mad because it is so out of character that she would get drunk and sleep with him and be all casual about it the next day. I get why she married him...but not sleep with him! Her "grieving" felt rushed too. I just can't buy that the love of her life is dead...the man she gave up everything for...and her "grief" is barely touched on...especially after the 100s and 100s of pages of war and inconsequential characters. I thought it was bad when Jamie kept talking about Laoghiere and then having to go see her and talk to her, but Claire and LJG takes the cake! I'm waiting on book 8, and wonder how Jamie will take the news. Hopefully, it won't be glossed over like Jamie's death.
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