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Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2018
When this book first came out 3 years ago, I regret to say that I picked it up, looked at the table of contents, and thought "This is not important for me to read. It's just about grace." Why did I think that? Because I was so focused on apologetics, memorizing arguments and various facts on a variety of issues, I missed grace. Fast forward to about 3 months ago. I had been bone dry spiritually. I was not excited about God. I did not crave time spent with him. Instead, I just liked to read philosophy, theology, etc. One day, I heard an Old Testament scholar say in his weekly podcast, "If you can defend ____ doctrine, but you don't understand grace, I pity you." Those words cut me deep. I knew I had lost sight of what was most important, and I knew I needed God's grace to experience the joy and satisfaction in my relationship with Him. Lee Strobel's case for Grace was one of the books I've read in my rediscovery of the beauty of God's grace and desperate need of it. The stories told in this book will leave you with some of the beautiful portraits of grace I heard. You will see that God's grace is not something you can earn, nor something you have to work to keep, and there is nothing you've done that God's grace cannot save you from. If you find that an overstatement...READ THIS BOOK!
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