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Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2016
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Having had book 1 and I have read all the companion series The Black River Pack Books which Rochelle Paige first introduces the McMahon Brothers I was eager to forget everything and dive into her world of Shifters and their 'Fated mates'.

Book 2 starts off where book 1 finished, and with the brothers on the quest to find out who the culprits are of the attempted murder and kidnapping, they are not looking for their fated mates at all but it seems Fate has other ideas!

When Braden and Tahlia's paths cross the sparks fly and it's a battle of wills for them not to jump head first without thought of the consequences of them tying their Fated Bond, but Tahlia is on a mission from the Council and her Lioness will have to wait as she is the only one qualified to be undercover at the Honey Pot.

Braden is not happy that Tahlia is posing as a stripper. But he is going to have to wait, even if it's driving him insane.

Rochelle has once again given us a fast paced Shifter tale that is Hot and Spicy with a great story line.

I can't wait to find out what happens in Book 3 of the McMahon series.

I recommend reading the Fated mates Series from the start with the first being The Black River Pack Book 1 Crying Wolf as then the storyline is chronologically correct and you will understand all the plot.
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