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Reviewed in the United States on January 5, 2021
The ambitious and explosive new chapter in the galaxy far, far away comes out of the gate at a dead sprint with Light of the Jedi. As a longtime Legends EU fan, it reminds me in a lot of ways of the New Jedi Order in its sheer scope as it kickstarts a new multi-year, multi-author storytelling initiative. But there’s enough originality in Light of the Jedi to set it apart as a fresh take on familiar Star Wars elements. In fact, just about everything in Light of the Jedi is delightfully and boldly a step into the unknown: a massive cast of memorable and charming characters, a villain who is just as much fun to spend time with as the heroes, and plenty of Force lore that will have you reexamining everything you thought you knew about the fundamentals of Star Wars.

All in all, this is a page turner unlike just about any other. It’s truly remarkable that Charles Soule managed to achieve a work of such tremendous quality in his very first prose Star Wars novel! That being said, there were plenty of stylistic choices along the way that left me feeling like some of his risks were a little too bold (such as the inexplicably blood-soaked Gungan pirate), but those moments were few and far between. Soule truly has cemented himself as one of the great writers to ever lend their talents to Lucas’s sandbox as he takes his first steps into a larger world. . . and as we do too as the High Republic is officially underway!
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