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Reviewed in the United States on June 12, 2020
So much more than just a romance novel. Death. Intrigue. A crazy evil villain. It was enjoyable. I would say the romance was a slow burn. I really liked Edouard and Juliana. And he made me love him more when he didn't hide the truth from Juliana when she couldn't remember him or how they knew each other. He was truthful every time and I really appreciated that. Kept this book from being bogged down with a lot of misunderstanding when the truth would've come out. There was enough going on.

I have to admit with everything going on in the book and the slower romance I didn't really get captured by this book until about 50% through. But it had a good ending, so stick with it.

There was sensual talk but no sex scenes. I would label this as a clean read.
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