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Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2019
I read this after reading the second book, Puppy Christmas, and this one was even more adorable. The heroine, Sophie, is the youngest of the three sisters and had leukemia as a teen. Her family and friends all become extremely overprotective as a result and now, at age 26, she loves them but feels smothered and that no one trusts her to competently run her life. She works as a service puppy trainer with her sisters. Her first independent job is to find and train a puppy for Harrison, a rough, gruff, growly firefighter with diabetes who recently collapsed due to not monitoring his blood sugar tightly enough. Now his boss won't let him come back to work without a service dog to alert him to problems with his blood sugar. Harrison's boss knows Sophie and his sisters so he purchases their services.

Sophie picks out an adorable Pomeranian puppy for Harrison even though he initially wanted a big strong dog like a Great Dane and can't see how a Pom could possibly fit into his lifestyle. Still, Sophie insists, he takes the puppy, Bubbles, home and falls seriously in love with her, even though it turns out she's terrified of fire. The scenes with Harrison and Bubbles will melt your heart, he's so sweet and adorable with her. His mother deserted him when he was 8 and slipped into a diabetic coma, his dad raised him but never gave him any tenderness, he's a caretaking alpha down to his soul, but no one has ever cared for him until Sophie and Bubbles come into his life. I adored this book. Definitely a feel-good romance all the way.
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