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Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2017
I am a huge fan of this author, but this book was such a disappointment! It is nowhere near the caliber of the other Valdemar books. It clearly follows events in other books about Mags - while I did read the first one about him, I had not had the chance to read the rest, but since this was the beginning of a new series I expected it to be self-contained. That was my first mistake. Mags is simply not a very interesting character, and I am frankly baffled why Lackey decided to write so many books about him - there are so many good characters that I would be happy to read more about, and THIS is the one that gets multiple series as a main character?! I could not finish it, and that is extremely rare for me with a book. I very much regret having purchased the three books in this series, especially since reading reviews that describe how incredibly objectionable some of the future content is (apparently, one of the characters is blamed for her own rape?! What. the. baloney. And majorly out of sync with the usual girl empowerment message from this author - such a load of hooey to propagate such misguided stupidity.). The whole hysteria over a new King's Own seems out of whack as well. I just couldn't care about the characters or the plot.

Verdict: read other stories in the world of Valdemar, but pretend the ones about Mags don't exist - no need to sully an otherwise great group of stories with this absolute rubbish.
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