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Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2019
I'm building my first PC in a very long time and one area that has improved enormously is storage tech. These m.2 drives are nothing short of amazing. I have a fairly high end mobo so i really just plugged this in and the BIOS saw it as NVMe and I had the max speed right away. I did get Samsung Magician just to double check and also to run trim. If you've done everything right and your system supports it you should be seeing 3500 and 2500 (blazing!).

One thing to consider if you're building a system is that these m.2 drives can get very hot and when they do the performance drops off a cliff. Two things you can do are to buy a m.2 heatsink (if your mobo didn't come with one). Also, you can try to place a case fan right next to the m.2 drive. If you're interested this mobo has the m.2 drive on the bottom with a heatsink and you can place a case fan right next to it IF you case has fans on the bottom (in In Win 101 does).

Lastly, get the largest SSD you can afford. SSDs work best when you have a lot of free space on them and over provision them too. If your SSD is 90% full then the drive has to keep overwriting the same 10% of the drive and it wears it out a lot faster.
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