Customer Review

Reviewed in the United States on December 6, 2020
I have had several watch cases and this is by far is the most exquisite elegant case especially for the cost. I was really only trying to find a case that looks decent without paying a high cost. I was pleasantly surprised. The cherry wood is very elegant looking. I dont know how natural or real it is but its beautiful. Fingerprints do get on the case very easily and you immediately want to remove them because the prints ruin the beauty of the case. But its easy to to avoid the prints. The case is also very nicely wrapped and protected with special wrapping material..Much thought and care has gone into the product and the delivery of the product

My only concern is all my firearms, valuables etc are stored in the garage due to its very secure access. You may break into our home but you will not get into our garage , So im hoping the humid garage environment doesnt affect the longevity of the case. But heck, For the price I might just get a 2nd one - lol.
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