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Reviewed in the United States on November 8, 2020
This show must be for those who like a complete fantasy with just the framework of reality. Anyone who has a critical thought in their head wouldn't get far into this. I could only watch a few minutes before my B.S. meter reached full.

Let's count the inanities.
1. An archaeology team that has their own armed commando unit.
2. A large and branching tunnel complex that is thousands of years old and has no rubble, fallen rocks, or debris of any kind.
3. Lifting a multi-ton stone door with a crowbar. And, once opened, it magically holds itself up without any bracing at all.
4. An inner chamber that looks like it was just swept a week ago, and is so well organized as to make Martha Stewart envious.
5. Bad guys that turn on glowing eye lights.
6. The archeology commando team doesn't immediately open fire on such obvious, and stupid targets. Sorry, I meant "eye lights"
7. Bad guys who need laser pointers to hit something in a six foot wide tunnel where the shoulder-to-shoulder commando team is completely backlit. (Fish in a barrel have a better chance of survival than this scenario. Throwing a rock at the side of a barn would take more aiming skill than trying to hit something in that tunnel.)
8. The semi-truck load of explosives that would be needed to blow a gigantic gaping hole in a colossal stone pyramid where each stone weighs several tons.

And, that's when I turned it off.

If you like a show that has no relation to reality, including the physics of living on earth, and dredges up names and places that you dimly remember from high school history, then this might be for you. Otherwise, don't even bother with it.
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