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Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2021
I’m really enjoying this series. Although I’m only two books in there have been plot changes galore, as well as plots within plots. Iain is very good at tying up the loose ends of one situation only to surprise his reader with yet another. Toward the end of this installment he gives us a sense of something being accomplished while springing more surprises on us and adding more twists to an already winding road. Another thing that Iain does so well is character development. Each of his characters has a backstory. They don’t just exist to fill a part in the action. They have a part in the action, the background and the outcome of the plot(s). Also, Iain is not afraid to kill off a character...he also surprises us with a character surviving unimaginable odds. This is an interesting, entertaining and well re-imagined idea on the zombie theme. And the introduction of a multi-headed (heads of the deceased) creature towards the end of this installment was spine-chilling but very welcome. I’m so looking forward to the continuing books in this series.

From the back cover - The fungus is spreading and life is changing, becoming corrupted...

Continue Ryan and Aaron's story as they flee the cottage by the hill and finally make it to the village where they hope to find safety, but the threat of the quickly spreading fungus is only growing worse, and not everyone in the village welcomes strangers. It's time to meet the locals..
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