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Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2016
Although I enjoyed the pace of the read and took it for what it was worth, nothing in the content was ever really developed enough to stir many emotions or make me think the author had many in writing it either. The inner dialogue of our protagonist was about as unimaginable as it comes, the settings were about as non descriptive as a tourist pamphlet and at no point did any other character surprise or act in any other way than to push the plot forward. I was dying for a twist or something to make me think our hero was actually in peril but not once did I think that the next page would give me a WTF moment and sadly it never did. Even the big reveal in the final pages was telegraphed from the first few paragraphs and since there was nothing to hint at this in between it felt as if the author put in an ah ha moment just for the sake of having one. Basically the whole story reads like a high school outline of how to write a fast paced spy thriller without the spying or the thrills. What you think is going to happen pretty much does and there isn't enough character and setting development to distract from the fact that this book feels like it was written by some software algorithm not someone who actually cares about the words they are putting on the pages. I will say it kept me turning those pages, but only in search of a payoff that never came. A Death in Sweden was more of A Nap on the Couch for me.
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