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Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2022
First let me say i am a long time sonicare user. I thought I would try something new. Here's my comparison:

1. The Aquasonic does not tell you when it needs charging Sonicare does.
2. Aquasonic has no pressure sensitive to notify upu when you are applying too much pressure. Sonicare does.
3. Sonicarre buttons are so pressure sensitive and stick out that it is very easy to press and thus you either are changing the mode or powering it off and this makes it's 2-minute timer start all over. Sonicare his not so pressure sensitive and is somewhat indented so you do not accidentally press the power button. And even if you do it does not "restart" until 30 seconds later. i.e., if you re press the ower button with 30 seconds it starts where it left off.
4. After about a week, when I first start to use the Aquasonic it starts off very slow. You could put your finger on the toothbrush head, and it would stop vibrating. I suppose this could be f amalfunction, I don't know but when brushing I could feel it not moving.
5. Sonicare can be put back on the charger every and they recomment that. Acquasonic specifically states NOT to keep it on the charger.
6. Brush heads on aquasonic are very soft and even across the head. Sonicare brush head brushes are uneven as if trying to get into various spaces on your teeth, I believe the Sonicare brush will do a better job of cleaning.
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