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Reviewed in the United States on September 21, 2018
Sometimes when the past comes knocking, it knocks you square on your you-know-what.

That’s certainly the case when Bliss finds herself on Sky’s doorstep ... and boom-boom-pow, when his beautiful ex begs for him to keep her safe, all of his anger, hurt and mistrust from the past four years barrels against the wall he’d constructed around his heart.

Bliss knows that Sky has every reason to not trust her but where do you turn when the world has turned on you and someone is literally trying to kill you?

But from the moment her HOT protector agrees to help, I could feel that familiar sizzle starting to pop - a rush that is uniquely Lynn Rays Harris’ own brand of literary foreplay.

The “dance” between Sky wanting to do what is right and wanting to hold onto his anger for Bliss’ betrayal was electric.

Lynn’s carefully crafted characters are strategically developed (with military bearing that is both practical and believable) and I love that those personalities are intricately woven through other HOT family stories. It is that character “building” that I love the most about this series. I’ve been curious since Briar Rose was first briefly mentioned and seeing it all come full circle in a way that literally made my heart thud and swell, I couldn’t put this one down, as I begged for these two struggling souls to fight for their happily ever after.

More than anything, Lynn “gets” that romance and sex and relationships are not always rainbows and sunshine. In fact, we all know that any relationship has highs and lows and downright Bliss and Sky and every other character in this series is human ... filled with relatable flaws and pride and struggle and humor that make them not only relatable, but lovable.

You never forget your first love and you will have to see for yourself if Bliss can convince Sky that what they had was special enough to take a second chance on.
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