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Reviewed in the United States on March 22, 2019
I love Joe Pickett, and have read all the books multiple times. Was looking forward to this one for many months. However, I was a little disappointed. This one felt it in only a few evenings. (semi-spoilers after this) And, as others have said, one of the daughters does not need to be in peril in every book, and the body count was ridiculous. Such a blood bath would force everyone involved into retirement or an institution. This is supposed to be Wyoming, not Tijuana. Lastly, the bulk of the action was strangely jammed into the very end of the book...wham!...and...we're done. Seemed like the author ran out of time to finish the book and had to cut it off. Not everything has to end with Nate or Joe getting shot. Again, love these books, but this was not my favorite.
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