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Reviewed in the United States on February 15, 2021
I had one of these attached to an A/V system that included an Anthem MRX 1120 AVR, a 77" LG OLED tv, a Roku Ultra and some older components. Last week, I was on the couch watching tv and... then I wasn't. Everything in my house NOT connected to a Panamax "Power Manager" and surge protector is working fine. The expensive items I had connected to a Panamax ... thing, not so much. What trash! I have yet to replace the Anthem, which is difficult to find and very expensive (and a poor value, but that's another story), but tell me why I had my components, including the Anthem, attached to this Panamax doorstop? This component failed to do the one thing it is supposed to accomplish --protect your components from surges. Yes, it was snowing, but there was no wind to speak of and still the Panamax failed in its singular mission. Presumably my house suffered a surge, but nothing else in my house was affected. The Panamax did exactly nothing. A complete waste of money. They ought to be ashamed.
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