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Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2018
Daredevil's a character who's always had a strong supporting cast, and it was only a matter of time before Charles Soule brought more of these characters back into Matt's rebuilt life. Starting in the first arc of this book, the assassin Elektra, a former flame and enemy has made her way back to New York, and she's gunning for Daredevil. The question is, why? Then next, Matt travels to China to acquire a briefcase that belongs to Black Cat. Luckily Spider-Man, one of Daredevil's oldest superhero allies is there to help out. This volume also contains the Annual issue of the series by Soule and Roger McKenzie. These stories are good, but nothing special. Soule's story especially seems to lack the focus of his previous work. The book also leaves some questions unanswered. I can confirm that at least one of these mysteries is explained in a later volume and I expect the other will be in time. Matteo Buffagni takes over for art on the main part of the book and his work is an excellent compliment to Garney's in volume one. Overall this volume is good, but not as good as the previous book. Still, Soule has a handle on Daredevil that makes this series a standout.
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