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Reviewed in the United States on July 7, 2020
This movie is sort of a cross between Death Wish 1 and Angel ( the classic 80s hooker vigilante movie.) Linda Blair plays a 25 year old high school student who looks old for her age, but she lives in Hollywood so I guess most high school students do. Her friends also are in their mid 20s and in the same high school. The ladies spend their evenings wandering the streets of Hollywood looking like glam rock gang members.

They make a mistake when they steal the car of the drug dealing gang of villains of the film who appear to be a Loverboy cover band. After the bad guys, lead by Evil Mike Reno, violently attack her family and friends, Blair goes to the cross bow / bear trap store then sets about getting her revenge.

Sure there's a couple holes in the plot, but if you over look minor flaws like that the movie is excellent. Definitely R rated . The evil loverboy cover band uses really offensive language and definitely deserve what they've got coming to them.

Superb acting by the guy who played Dean Wermer in Animal House too
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