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Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2006
I will go against the majority here and say I liked this book. I really didn't see where Ava was that bad. I had read these negative reviews before I read the book and I kept waiting for her to do something really whiny and I didn't see it. This is my favorite type of story. The man marries but doesn't love the woman and she thinks there is someone else. London said she thought of Diana and Charles as the inspiration for this book and I think it worked.

A lot of people felt that Ava was the one who didn't stand up to her stepfather, but I felt Jared wimped out over Edmond. He wasn't the hero "who can do no wrong" in my book. Jared wasn't one of my top five male leads--in fact, I felt he was the weak link in this story. He bickered and fretted over how his father made him feel, but he didn't really stand up for himself.

I am a Julia London fan and I was glad to see that this book wasn't the dud several people portrayed. I am anxious to see how Ava's sisters fare in their matrimonial pursuits. And who is Mr. Percy?
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