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Reviewed in the United States on January 29, 2018
HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU WATCH MULTIPLE VIDEOS OF PEOPLE USING THIS STUFF ONLINE (YouTube, etc) BEFORE YOU TRY TO USE THIS STUFF. THERE IS A TECHNIQUE TO USING IT PROPERLY. YOU CAN AND WILL FRY YOUR MOST EXPENSIVE COMPUTER PARTS IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! The "pea method" isn't really adequate with this stuff. You should REALLY use the supplied "special black Q-tip" to spread this stuff in EXTREMELY SMALL QUANTITIES to "VERY LIGHTLY coat" the surfaces you was to transfer heat. You really need to be "perfect" with this stuff to see CPU temps drop by the ~2 to 8 degrees Celsius that are supposedly gained by using it. I apparently need more practice with it, as my idle temps dropped by about 6 degrees on Average, but load temps were about the same. Was NOT used in a de-lidding effort, just as a transfer "paste" from water cooler block to CPU surface.

Final Thoughts: Neat idea. Probably best for de-lidding Intel i-Core series CPUs. Not as good of a result that I was hoping for in just a simple thermal paste replacement. VERY DANGEROUS TO USE. If done CORRECTLY, you can probably get as many as 5 cpu applications with a single gram tube. VERY INSANELY TINY AMOUNT OF THIS IS NEEDED. DO NOT POWER ON YOUR SYSTEM IF ANY DROPLETS HAVE ROLLED ONTO THE MOTHERBOARD. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO USE A MINI VAC TO SUCK UP EXCESS. We had some issues our first "try", but a mini-shop vac with a smaller attachment was good enough to suck up the excess liquid metal droplets and we were able to save the components from shorting out BUT SUPER STRESSFUL! LOTS OF BAD APPLICATIONS EXAMPLE TO BE SEEN ONLINE! WATCH THEM! DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKES THEY DO! ITS EXTREMELY EASY TO DO! YOU ARE OFFICIALLY WARNED IN EXCESSIVE CAPITAL LETTERS & EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!6!
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