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Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2019
This free gift card is so hilarious, I didn't care I was filling it up with a fortune of money. The Russian woman I met on the internet a week ago, and who really, really wants to marry me and be the best and sexiest wife ever!, said she'll be in my arms just as soon as she gets some kind of incredibly expensive operation she needs, called me collect to say how side splitting and hilarious this card is and how wonderful it made her and everyone in her family feel happy for the first time in years and and me to be seend more and be more to her whenever I can. Another really wonderful and beautiful Russian woman I was engaged to 6 months ago said the same thing right before she was kidnapped and hasn't been heard from since. Every few weeks her 5 year old daughter calls me and says how much she misses her mommy and starts crying hysterically, so I always pick out this really funny gift card again and send her and her great-grandmother, who can barely afford a loaf of bread as much money as I can, just to help them feel a little better. And then they call me collect to say how much they enjoyed the card and how much they love me and hope I love them, too, and how much they need a few hundred dollar, which I always send them.
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