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Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2019
Any other tape I’ve tried hasn’t been half as good as Scotch brand ‘Magic tape’. With other brands the tape tends to split as you’re pulling it from the roll. And once that happens,,, it’s over. Because it’s about impossible to scratch the tape off of itself when it’s split in some crazy diagonal tear let alone make the roll dispense properly again.

Not happening with this brand! It’s the best and most durable tape I’ve ever used. It is invisible when on presents or documents, etc. BUT it looks frosty on the roll! Makes it extremely easy with which to work.

PLUS, buying six (6) rolls at once, for me anyway, is essential because I put a roll in our home office, one in the kitchen-catch-all-drawer, one upstairs in our media room, etc., etc.,,, So no one ends up running all around looking for that ONE & ONLY roll of tape,,, Having only one roll seems awfully silly, to me anyway. Plus when you use up a roll, if you’ve got a few extra to spare, then it’s not a big urgent scramble to go out to some store and buy another.
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