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Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2018
I bought this unit to replace an old PS-2 based reader that had gone kaput. I wanted a reader that could be easily reprogrammed such that my existing software (which I developed myself) would continue to parse the resulting information correctly. Fortunately, no changes were necessary. Because the unit is USB based, it is much faster than the PS-2 unit that I used previously (I had to slow down the read speed of the PS-2 unit in order to prevent character loss).

I suspect that this unit is not suitable for industrial use (i.e., swiping hundreds of cards per day), but for personal or small business use, it should suffice. When reading driver licenses, it will occasionally miss one or more of the 3 tracks. If so, just swipe it again. If the issue continues, the culprit is most likely a damaged magstripe rather than the reader.
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