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Reviewed in the United States on June 19, 2019
Two sisters. Fraternal twins. They're looking for forever, but keep getting sidetracked by men who don't appreciate them.

Sunshine is the 'live for now' twin. She can't seem to make up her mind about a career or a man. She's hurt people because she seems to see a shiny ball in the distance and keeps running after it without thinking of the consequences. She's not going to go man crazy any longer and has found a great position as a nanny that lets her think about school and doing what she needs to do rather than what she's done in the past. She is finally thinking about her long term goals, rather than her long night goals.

Margot is the 'stodgy, stick in the mud' twin. She knows what she wants to do and does it. She has a career, but has missed out on her dream job because she too went running after a man who she thought was her forever love. She's come to her senses, and is now an etiquette coach who has begun a job with a former Hollywood star who didn't always succeed when needing to make good decisions. The star is engaged to a diplomat who needs a spouse to be decorous, and her son has stepped in to help his mom become more settled!

On first glance, Sunshine and Margot seem to be miles apart in attitude. Raised by their grandmother who ran a school for beauty pageant contestants, the one who may have become their grandmother's shining star, didn't want to, and the one who wanted to, didn't have the aptitude. The 'Baxter Curse' of difficulty in relationships of the heart seems to follow them both around.

Will they be able to overcome their background and find forever love? Can they put their pasts behind them and look to a fulfilling future? Should they put their hearts on the line?

I loved this book.
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