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Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2017
Mark Greaney's The Gray Man is the 1st offering in the long running Gray Man series. A former bad boy and special ops train operator, the Gray Man was discharged from the CIA with extreme prejudice. Existing in the shadows, he works special jobs for a former British intelligence officer with his own private security operation. When a large multinational corporation is looking to salvage an investment gone sour, they must deliver the head of the Gray Man and pull out all the stops to succeed. Operating with his own brand of a moral code, the Gray Man never lets up ans sees every mission to the end, usually a bitter end for everyone on his receiving end.

Tradecraft is a bit muted or at least takes a backseat to the action and physicality on display. There are some truly despicable individuals to despise and some honor among this sordid occupational class. Some degree of suspension of belief is required especially around the use of pavement artists; it would hard to believe any reasonable number could pick out individuals in large European cities so reliably (not to mention the effort involved in amassing such a devoted and qualified army).

For traditional summer beach escape reading, this hits the sweet spot.
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