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Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2019
Judging from these books, Octavia Butler hates all of humanity and men in particular. I don't know how else to explain a series of books that clearly views as the good guys a race of aliens who imprison the remnants of mankind, sterilize them, rape them repeatedly and systematically, and perform horrifying genetic mutations and experiments on them aimed at creating a race of monstrous hybrid children. The few humans who try to resist this are depicted as ridiculous evil caricatures, mostly a bunch of men who just seem to engage in killing and violence for no reason against each other, and the 'hero' is a willing, happy collaborator with the alien overlords in the genocide because she accepts their view that humanity is irredemable and must be destroyed. The whole worldview is just awful. It's like torture porn for misanthropes. And the story and writing isn't particularly good either. There are long, repetitive sections in all three books where basically nothing happens aside from characters wandering around aimlessly and/or pointlessly. The first book in particular could easily have been condensed to a tenth of its size without missing anything important just by cutting out Lilith wandering around the ship and asking over and over again the alien overlords what's going on, and the alien overlords refusing to answer. The second similarly has way, way too much Akin on the run in the woods. The third's mate hunt just goes on and on and on.
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