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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 1, 2017
Nalini Singh has done the almost impossible and made a snakesy creature sexy. I’m not sure how she was able to pull it off but she totally did.

If you google ‘sexy snakes’ or ‘sexy snake creatures’ do you know what you get??? A bunch of naked or nearly naked women posing with snakes OR big breasted women with snake tails. There isn’t a dude in sight unless he has a tattoo of a snake on him somewhere. You also get that creepy American Horror Story Coven image

So snakesy creatures not super sexy, but she did it with Venom and Holly who isn’t really a snake but definitely has some weird stuff going on.

Holly, who used to go by Sorrow after she was abducted in book one and made into something other when the Angel Urim fed her his blood, has overcome part of that in the background during the last nine books and is now Holly again. I really wish we would have got a little more of that reclamation of her life on page but at least she is in a pretty good place mentally. She isn’t perfect, she went through hell and her body has a lot of changes to accept but I love that her family didn’t abandon her. Her mother is a trip.

*** “You’ve made up with your family?”
Holly nodded. “My mother lays a guilt trip on me every so often, though.” She folded her arms and imitated Daphne Chang’s scowl. “‘ Do you know how we felt? Do you, Holly? We raised you to know you were loved, that you could come to us with anything. And what do you do the first time you have a small problem but turn your back on your family! For shame!’”
Venom’s shoulders shook. “A small problem?”
“Oh, shut up.” But she was laughing, too. “That’s how she always puts it. As if waking up needing to drink blood to survive is the same as being fired from a job or having a car battery die.” Laughter turned into a smile. “She’s going to be mad at me forever, but she’ll love me while she’s mad at me.” ***

Venom has always been a bit of an enigma but he and Nassir are the same in that they are completely unique and so I was a little excited to get to know more about how Venom became the only snakelike vampire. Let’s just say that some Angels are more like demons in their cruelty.

Holly and Vemon together is a fun experience because of all the banter. They’ve been opposing forces for so long and she is so quick with a jibe here and jab there that you know when the feisty banter turns to passion it is going to be hot. Viperface is just as quick with a quip and teasing words to get under her skin. It is a pretty fun game overall.

*** “You play mean, Hollyberry. Like poison.”
Coming from anyone else, the latter words would’ve been an ugly insult. From Venom . . . “Did you just compliment me?” she asked, her mouth falling open. “Take it back!” She couldn’t deal with Venom being nice to her in any way, shape, or form.
“Of course,” he said, “your poison is nowhere near as venomous as mine.” ***

This was a fun addition to the Guild hunter series. I won’t go into much detail on the plot as it was basically about Holly dealing with what Urim left inside her.

There wasn’t much movement on the overall cascade plot arc but at least we find out about Mikala and the supposed pregnancy. The other area of a lot of interest for me was Vivek’s situation since becoming a vampire. We don’t get a lot of info but at least we get to see how he is doing since the change. There is also a little bit of Bluebell in here for all of you who are also longing for his book but not much. Sparkles gets a mention or two as well. I know there are a lot of people out there shipping those two…I’m not really one of them but I love the bromance between them. I’d really love to see Illium fall in love with a human again. But we will see how it all plays out.

And another Guild Hunter book was over all too quickly. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next.
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