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Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2019
Kneeboarding was my thing as a high schooler in the mid 90's and I couldn't wait to get back on the board when I bought a boat 20 years later. The graphics are pretty cheesy, but I don't care about that. My daughter who weighs about 100 lbs got up on her first try (never kneeboarded before) and on her 2nd try was cutting in and out of the wake on both sides of the boat. After she was done, I got up but found I really had to lean far back to avoid faceplanting (6', 195 lbs, exactly the same size as a HS Senior) and that's what I spent most of my time doing. It's not very responsive turning, hard to keep the nose up for an adult, but it works great for 360s because it feels nose heavy. Overall, the kids love swimming with it around the beach and the hook on the front ensures they all get up. It's priced right for its function.
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