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Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2019
Update-She decided to send the doll
Back for a refund. She said maybe if more people would send them back the doll
Maker would start making them look better. She truly felt sorry for the doll and was torn about sending it back only because she didn’t want to reject it based on looks. ....
I feel so very sorry for my 8 year old. She saved up her allowance and wanted this doll so badly, she doesn’t want to send her back because she feels bad for the doll being so damn ugly! Her hair looks like a bad job done by the Hair Place for men! Plugs and matted mohair tangled beyond repair! The arms and legs when it turns into cloth area they are puffed up like a football linebacker appearance. Her fingers are in a fist on one hand and open on the other and the nail beds were supposed to be pink but some have a red appearance making them look a little like they are bleeding. The feel to the doll is fine and the weight to it is good. The legs have that same linebacker appearance to them with bowed out legs. For almost $70 she should be able to have a very pretty doll that doesn’t need to wear a hat to cover up her nappy hair! This doll
Needs to go back! She saved and saved to buy this and really doesn’t want to be without but I think she deserves a pretty baby!
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