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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 28, 2019
My 2 year old grandson was so excited to see this set when he came to visit. We played for hours making burritos and tacos. He has a Little Tykes grill which he immediately put the "cast iron" skillet on to cook up some steak and chicken. I love the velcro on each piece so you can stick any number of different meat and veggie combos together. The "salsa" that shoots out of the salsa bottle was a huge hit!! He put "salsa" on everything including the dog :) He loves the beans and crema cans with the beans and crema inside. We put the rice box away for now as I feel the cardboard will get demolished much too fast with a 2 year old. My only complaint with this toy is the taco shell is so slippery nothing will stay in it. My grandson was so disappointed every time he worked hard to make the perfect taco and all the fillings fell right out when he tried to hand it to me to take a bite. I'm going to glue in some felt which I hope will solve this problem.
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