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Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2019
I’m a huge Shirley Jackson fan. Her short story The Lottery shook me to the core when I read it in high school. I even still ask people if they happened to have read it in school, usually the answer is no which is disappointing. With that said, this book is pretty boring. This is my fourth Shirley Jackson book in a row I’ve read and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the others. But this one is such a hard read. It took till page 128 (of 194) to get to the part summarized in the back cover. I kept thinking maybe they got it wrong in the summary as there was no indication the story was leading that way. The plot is really difficult to follow and there are so many characters I’ve given up trying to recall who is who. Good thing is this is the only of her works I’m disappointed by so I can always revert back to her other amazing stories to make up for this one.
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