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Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2014
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Dead to the World quickly became one of my favorite installments of the Sookie series because of shifts in power. Eric, a vampire who simply breathes power, suddenly can't remember who he is, what happened to him, or where he came from. The change in his status brings out a change in his personality, revealing what might be his true nature underneath all that arrogance that I've come to associate with him. It was downright cute.

When Eric's memory goes, the responsibility (and power) goes to Sookie. Sookie is a girl who has never really had to take care of anything: at first, her grandmother cared for her, and then she fell under Bill's protection. On her own, Sookie now has a big Viking vampire who has undergone a major personality under her fragile protection. This abrupt change in the balance forces Sookie to grow and develop as a character quickly, especially in her telepathic abilities.

I admit it; I cheered when the romance between she and Eric developed. The sexual tension stemming from the first few books finally emerged and made a play. Eric's love for Sookie made her into a stronger character, one that was truly fun to root for.

Harris introduces new story lines in Dead to the World that I loved. The addition of the werecreatures further developed the paranormal world that runs alongside the quiet human one that we live in every day. The werecreatures felt like a different type of paranormal nightmare: if the vampires are the elite, the werecreatures are the motorcycle gang. The different mentality created a tension in the plot and Sookie herself that kept the pace moving quickly.

The witches and their plotline are a completely different (and volatile) cup of tea. Their sudden appearance in the plot completely changes the force of the story. The maliciousness and greed of their leader is a turning point for Sookie. For the most part, the vampires have been good to her; sure, there's been some evil, but they have treated her with respect. The witches represent the first darkness Sookie must face. I have a feeling they won't be the last.


- Loved the character transformation in Sookie.
- Well-written plot
- Great action scenes!
- Harris still won't quite let Sookie be as strong as she can.
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