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Reviewed in the United States on May 12, 2013
In many situations, people in high places expect the impossible from those in the frontline without actually knowing enough to make the call; often ignoring the advice of those who have to execute their decisions.

This is true in life - whether business or in the military. In the army, their arrogance gets people killed. This book underlines and highlights for those types, using a thick pen and neon yellow highlighters, that they should think much more than twice and listen to those who know!

My overwhelming anger is with the idiots who did the ordering; who ignored the Team; and who put better men than themselves into a grave situation. Unfortunately we don't hear whether these ignorant, arrogant cretins got the "chop" but I sure hope so.

As for this book and the men who survived - I salute a great Team of Warriors. You've been to hell and back and were not found wanting. The courage and tenacity is nothing short of incredible! That you all survived, amazing! That you have made a new life for yourselves, a tribute to your strength of character.

Anyone reading this book who is entering any fray or going to war will be able to learn from glaring mistakes but will, at the same, be encouraged to persevere when one knows that one is in the right and stand ground against stupidity from "higher-ups"!

This is an amazing book and well worth owning.
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