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Reviewed in the United States on February 8, 2021
I really like this water bottle. It's a perfect size to replace most of my other water bottles and put an end to the constant refilling throughout the day. The handle makes it very portable so i can take it with me to the gym or wherever else. You do have to make sure the lid is screwed on correctly and locked for it to be completely leakproof though. I went through all the images and reviews to make sure i ordered one with no grammatical errors and thankfully that's what i received because it would've gone right back in the package and returned if not. I don't normally smell over items i order but i did this because if I'm going to be ingesting a gallon of water a day from this thing i certainly don't want cancer to be an ingredient. After the first wash with hot soapy water i noticed it had a chemical smell. Not like cheap plastic but more life it had been sitting in pesticides. I assume that's not uncommon for packages coming from warehouses and trucks where they're not wanting to ship out free critters with their merchandise. So i soaked it in vinegar and baking soda overnight then rinsed well and put outside to dry in the sunlight before bringing it in and washing again. Smell was gone after that. So my advice is to wash it many times before first use.
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