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Reviewed in the United States on March 4, 2017
Umpteenth viewing held up just fine. Last seen years ago, so a lot of the details had faded a bit, but I knew every scene and a lot of the dialogue. But it was instructive to see it again while also enjoying a goodly amount of it. The film's hardly dated except for the ten pound mobile phones they used, but the biggest gripe that I had -- even in the first viewing -- is still there: no way was the bus going over 50 for most of the b-roll shots. A big bother. Also was surprised to see Sandy's role being secondary. I forgot that. She wasn't even in the first half. Hard to say why the film still worked. The memes are still used today, so that was core, but I think the pacing was crucial, and the acting was fine but the script was comic-bookish. Future me: don't watch again. It'd take ten years to forget enough, and by then, a ten pound phone is just going to make you throw up.
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