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Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2017
I lost over 80 lbs using this method, and I have kept it off for over 4 years now. Initiall it was tricky to let go of crappy snack food, but at first I lost a pound a day for over two weeks! Staying true to 'no sugar' and using nuts to keep my body from eating my muscles kept the weigh coming off steadily. My initial weight loss goal was 175 lbs and I ended up at 147 lbs and in total shock! (I started around 228)
You have to read the entire book before you start, it took me months to prepare to begin my lifestyle change. This plan is much easier to start in the late fall/winter time. The no fruit was hard at first, but I added berries and tomatoes back in as soon as I could. I still continue to not eat fruit for a period of time each winter. I started this after years of yo yo diets. But once I began eating this way, I could not go back to processed chemical food. I now consider myself a purist. I honestly maintain this lifestyle using a lot of trim healthy mama recipes now. They are (almost) in line with Dr Gundrys ideas, they are sugar/gluten free sisters from New Zealand.
In the world of epigenetics, Dr. Gundrys book is the best approach in the business. Cancer feeds on sugar, and this approach is a great way to rebuild your body as a fighter. Dr Gundry has personally answered many emails from me, and supported me using this with my Autistic son.
I truly hope to be the woman in the first chapter of his book. I look younger now than I did 10 years ago and I weight less than I did on high school. This book helped me become a smart food consumer.
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