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Reviewed in the United States on February 6, 2021
I decided to support this as an adult because I loved this movie on VHS as a little kid, and hadn't watched it since other than remembering it was a great film. I decided to watch it again and I am Shocked at how well this all came together. Real animals, real environments, and these animals are doing tings that you would Not expect them to do. I would be surprised if films like this and Homeward Bound are even Legal anymore, unless it's a documentary like Monkey Kingdom (excellent films fyi), with the stress these animals undertook. It was inspiring, and charming. The animals also came into their roles Exceptionally well, especially the cat although the dog was just as good, and it just shows that if you have a highly competent directing team and the right sets you can get some great performances from animals of any age. Excellent pick for kids.
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